• Divorce Mediation

    Finding Affordable Divorce Lawyers in Your Area

    Getting an affordable divorce is easier than ever. New resources have been made available by law firms and online professionals that make it possible to get an affordable divorce without sacrificing the quality of your divorce settlement. Attorneys will aggressively represent your interests, review your case thoroughly, evaluate your various claims and those of your former spouse, and then determine the most effective course and approach for you today and into the future. Low-cost legal representation programs and no-obligation payment plans are now available for all budgets. Your lawyer will work hard on your behalf to get you the fairest divorce settlement possible. When searching for affordable divorce attorneys, ask…

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  • Divorce Mediators

    Amicable Divorce Without a Hassle

    Amicable Divorce Without a Hassle Sometimes, couples seek the services of an amicable divorce attorney when they decide to dissolve their marriage. They might think that attorneys are unnecessary since their property division is so amicable and fairly simple. But think about this: in a typical amicable divorce you still have to fully understand your financial obligations and rights, such as the type and quantity of all debts and assets owned by you and your former spouse… and unless you hire an experienced, compassionate divorce mediator who is willing to listen to your side of the story from start to finish, things could get ugly. Even if your situation qualifies…

  • Divorce Mediation

    The Needs of Your Children First – Amicable Divorce

    The Needs of Your Children First – Amicable Divorce Amicable divorce is often a misunderstood concept. Most of us think that amicable divorce is some unattainable ideal. However, it’s possible. But only if you understand exactly what one entails and what you have to do in order to get one. First of all, an amicable divorce occurs when both parties voluntarily decide to end their relationship and get together with someone else. No one is forcing anyone into any kind of relationship. If someone wants an amicable divorce and they are able to sort out all their issues amicably, then that is the situation. The fact that you want to…

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  • Divorce Mediators

    5 Tips For Finding An Affordable Divorce Attorney

    You can find an Amicable Divorce Settlement at affordable cost. An Amicable Divorce, also known as Mediation, takes place when both parties agree to the terms of a divorce settlement. For a divorce to be considered affordable, it must entail more than minimal legal fees. These costs can run from several thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. In some cases, attorneys may even charge as much as seven hundred and fifty dollars for an hour of work, which puts many people out of pocket. Many times affordable divorce does not occur because both parties are willing to reach an agreement outside the court system. The parties may be…

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  • Divorce Mediators

    Amicable Divorce – Is Mediation Really the Best Alternative?

    When most people think of divorce, they picture attorneys, court rooms, and divorce attorneys. While those are very important things, there is much more to a divorce that just attorneys. This article will help you understand what divorce mediation really is and how it can help you avoid some common divorce mistakes. Not divorcing amicably is going to cost you a lot of money. You have to hire a divorce mediator and pay him or her fees. You also need to cover all the other expenses associated with a divorce such as making travel arrangements, buying gifts for your spouse, and purchasing marital property. All this adds up to a…

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  • Divorce Mediators

    Divorce Mediation – Good or Bad?

    Divorce mediation is an alternative non-disciplinary method for resolving marital problems in which both parties are represented by trained and experienced divorce lawyers. Divorce mediation involves an impartial third party who facilitates the parties’ communication and provides advice on how to resolve their differences and possible future interactions. Divorce mediation has been widely successful, both in terms of cost and satisfaction. It is often used before a divorce case is filed and it also presents the opportunity for you and your spouse to discuss your problems face to face. Divorce mediation usually leads to an agreement that the spouses can agree upon without court involvement. Divorce mediation may be a…

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  • Divorce Mediation

    The Needs of Your Children First

    Amicable divorce is often described as two people who reach an amicable agreement about their divorce peacefully. Such an agreement is described as a mediated divorce. Divorce mediation is a process in which two or more individuals involved in a divorce mediation process communicate with each other through a neutral third party, such as a divorce mediator. A divorce mediator may help the parties negotiate amicable solutions for their divorce by providing them with advice regarding relevant divorce laws, financial issues, child custody and visitation, and other issues. In some instances, divorce mediation may also lead to a quicker amicable divorce, especially when both parties are well versed with their…

  • Divorce Mediation

    Should You Go With Divorce Mediation?

    Divorce mediation is a common method of negotiating and resolving differences about property, child custody, alimony, spousal support, division of debts, and property settlement in a marital divorce. It has several benefits for both the parties involved. Here are some reasons why it may be a good solution for your divorce. There are many advantages to marital mediation. First, it saves time and money. Both spouses can focus on working out a resolution, rather than having to deal with the complications and costs of a court trial. Second, when a divorce case is handled through mediation, it is less likely to end in divorce. Divorce mediation allows both parties to…

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