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Hey folks,
Check out this remake of "You Really Got Me" i did with Dave Navarro foe Hyundai. Also, Detroit 1-8-7 premiered this week on ABC. Been seeing a lot of VR rumblings on the internet lately and will let everyone know whats up when I can. Stay tuned....
Checked his homepage today... and saw this entry from summer... and I didn't find anything about it here so CONGRATULATIONS again DAVE!!!

"TUESDAY, JUNE 29, 2010

Hmmm... Where do I even start ? Since my last post (emmy nom for SOA), a lot o' stuff has happened ! Most important of all, I've got two amazing kids now ! But, I digress. I'm gonna start using this 'news' section for everything (personal, biz, styling tips...huh!?!?) But I will try and keep it organized with titles on the entries. Here you go..."

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Nice to hear from Dave! Thanks for the update! :headbanger:

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That's awesome. :D

I'm impressed by all the sound track stuff he's been doing too, it sounds like he's very much in-demand there.

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Yeah, Dave's really becoming known in his own right.

So I've caught Duff and Slash in concert.  Darling Stilettos is still going, so I may be able to see Matt live...  Dave's in a band, right?

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aww two babes now :smitten: Congrats Dave!