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Does anyone know if VR is confirmed to play Miami Beach Dec, 11?? I've contacted everyone I can think to contact, and no one is giving up any details, including the venue.

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OK...  Velvet Revolver is playing at the Allstate Arena. How come there's no thread for it?

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Quote from: masterdan
OK...  Velvet Revolver is playing at the Allstate Arena. How come there's no thread for it?

There is.

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I was reading the reviews of the Chicago show, and i noticed they only played for a little over an hour. Im just worried, becuase i spend $60 on my tickets for when they come to Dc, but im afraid that they'll play the same set they've played since their first show (minus the inclusion of Superhuman). I don't know about some of you guys, but im just a teen, and $60 is alot of money for me... I mean I understand they've only released one cd, but then again they're not playing 4 of the best tracks (i also realized they took Spectacle out of their setlist :(). Then they have the three covers on the Contraband that's to be re-released tomarrow.

I'm not trying to yell at the band or anything, VR is still my favorite band and i would pay $200 if i had to even if they were only gonna play one song. Im just saying, maybe we could get a little more? Maybe? Anyone out there agree with me?


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i do think they should shke the set up a little...they didnt play spectacle or superhuman when i saw them...those are awesome songs...but theyre still awesome...and it was almost surreal to hear the play gn'r, so i guess its and even trade...

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I also agree they shook shake the set list add a couple of their own songs. Definitely bring back Spectacle.

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Well I got my tickets for the Myrtle Beach show.  :D I almost attacked the UPS driver as soon as I seen him coming down my driveway. :twisted: I knew what he was bringing to me. :lol:  I have no idea how many people can fit in the House of Blues but I think I'll be able to get pretty close to the stage. :headbanger:  They must be planning on being there since the tickets did show up, right? :?  I've been waiting for a chance to see Scott for soo long that I will be completely depressed if the show doesn't happen. :cry:  I'm going to put my online pen name on my shirt in hopes that they will at least let me meet them. :)  Wish me luck. :wink:

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Im really pissed of coz it seems that VR is not gonna make any gigs in Germany or anywhere  else in Europe (except GB)   :cry:

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hopefully they tour europe again friend lives in New Zealand and she gets to see them on the 19th of feb. in Auckland...i wish I could be there. :(

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I have a question, WHEN DO YOU COME BACK TO GERMANY :furious:
coz my friends told me, they don't wanna come back....