Author Topic: Former Guns Ní Roses Drummer Steven Adler Unveils New Band  (Read 2046 times)

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We already knew that Slash was working on a song with ex-Guns Ní Roses drummer Steven Adler, since he tweeted about the collaboration the other night. Now, full details about Adlerís new project have surfaced. The skins smasherís new project is simply named Adler and the power trio features the drummer alongside singer Jacob Bunton (Lynam, Mars Electric) and guitarist Lonny Paul (Adlerís Appetite).
ďI love the music that weíre creating!Ē Adler exclaimed in a press release. He was incredibly stoked about his bandmates, saying, ďI havenít been this excited about my band since the GNíR days. Jacob is exactly the singer I have been searching for. He has an amazing range and is a great writer and frontman. Lonny is an amazing guitarist and songwriter and the vibe is amazing!Ē
Adler (both the stickman and the band) are holed up in a Los Angeles studio as we speak, cranking out their debut. Adler shared photos from the studio via Facebook and revealed that fans can follow the progress of the album since they will regularly post updates. So you will be able to get a birdís eye view into the process.
Slash once again tweeted about working with Adler, posting a message about the particular song he worked on last night ó saying the ďtrack is great.Ē We canít wait to hear it, and again, we would be lying if we didnít say that we hope discussions about a performance at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony, set for next month, ensued. Just sayiní.

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I like that new guitarist Lonny Paul...from what I have seen on youtube.  He is like a cooler version of Ashba IMHO.