Author Topic: STEVEN ADLER's Mother To Release 'Sweet Child Of Mine' Tell-All Book  (Read 2236 times)

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Deanna Adler, the mother of original GUNS N' ROSES drummer Steven Adler, will release her long-awaited tell-all book, "Sweet Child Of Mine: How I Lost My Son to Guns N' Roses" (formerly "No Bed Of Roses"), on April 5 via 4th Street Media.

Deanna gives an honest and revealing look into a life beset by abuse and betrayal and what it was like raising a child who became a member of one of the greatest rock bands in history, and a heroin addict of equally epic proportions. The book emotionally and enthrallingly details a mother's love for her infamous son, whose phenomenal success is surpassed only by his astounding capacity for self-destruction.

"Sweet Child Of Mine" is the universal journey of a mother's devotion to her child, filled with moments of both profound joy and crippling heartache. Deanna takes readers on a roller coaster ride through raising a troubled young boy who ultimately reached the pinnacle of fame and success, only to then be publicly branded a junkie and kicked out of his band in front of a television audience of millions; go on to endure continuing addiction, legal battles, financial ruin, two heart attacks, multiple suicide attempts, a debilitating stroke, and numerous stints in rehab. But it is her courage and indomitable spirit that both educates and inspires, as she is living proof that devotion to family, a sense of humor, and faith in a higher power are the foundations for achieving peace and purpose in life.

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La Voce, the voice of the Las Vegas' Italian-American community, last year spoke to Deanna Adler about her upcoming book. The chat can be streamed in two parts below. - click link above to listen to the chat

Deanna Adler appeared on the second season of "Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew", on which Steven was a cast member. During the season's episode five, Dr. Drew, Dr. Sophy and Steven sat down for a meeting with Deanna in a what was described as "a tense whirlwind of accusations, denials and resentment. Steven is so flustered that he storms out of the room, leaving the many issues between he and Deanna unresolved, possibly forever."

You can see Deanna Adler's appearance on "Celebrity Rehab" at this location. (Deanna Adler first appears around the 19-minute mark.)

Having been kicked out of his mother's house on numerous occasions before he was old enough to vote, Steven Adler reportedly started skipping school and doing drugs when he was 11.

Steven Adler was the drummer for GUNS N' ROSES from 1985 to 1990. He was eventually fired from the band due to his drug addiction, which caused him to spiral down into depression and more drug use.

Steven Adler's autobiography, "My Appetite for Destruction: Sex, and Drugs, and Guns N' Roses", came out in July 2010. In the book, Adler tells all, fearlessly addressing his struggles with heroin and crack addiction; his financial ruin after being kicked out of GN'R; his shattered marriage; and the severe health problems that nearly claimed his life on several occasions.

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Adler is probably my favorite member of the original lineup.   I really like him, so I don't know if I want to delve back into that part of his life.   I predict it will pretty much be "Adler said he was gonna get clean...then he did some diabolical plan to go smoke crack...shoot up etc." multiplied by # of pages in the book.   I feel like she is kind of trying to profit from that, at her son's expense.  I'm sure it could still be an interesting story from a mother's perspective though. Hopefully Adler can read it though and realize what he put her through so that he doesn't do it again.

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As a parent, I would love to read this. All Mothers want the best for their children and the bond is so incredibly strong between Mother and Child. I am not sure if she is "in" to profit from this? On Celebrity Rehab, she came off as a Bitch from Steven. I just feel that there are alot of unresolved issues and if he sat down with her and cleared the air, then things would be better between them. This book will also give that extra depth/dimension on what it's really like raising and living with an addict.

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^^ I agree.  I look forward to this book, and her take on things.  It couldn't have been easy being his mother.  Should be an interesting read.