Author Topic: Have You Seen them on this Tour?  (Read 2177 times)

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Okay, I admit. Years ago, I was not a big fan of the new line up. One day I was listening to the Radio, and they said Guns were coming to Atlanta. It was a big deal. I was on the fence about going and when weeks passed, I decided not to because I most likely would've not been able to get tickets (and good seats) at the price they were. Go figure, a week before the show my aunt calls me and says "do you want two tickets for $100?" I was getting paid the day before the show, so I was like,"...alright.." The seats were awesome. I could see everything. I was closer to the stage at this show than Sam and I were at the Velvet Revolver shows (and they were fairly good seats).

There was an opening band, and we were late, so we missed it. Buckcherry came on at 9pm, if my memory serves me correctly. They played for an hour. And, then....the lights went out closer to 11pm, and the Dexter Theme played over the speakers......

Then I heard it. The guitar riff to Chinese Democracy....
Lights went on...and I cried like a baby when I saw Axl W. Rose walk out on stage....True Story.  :lol:

They played a 3 hour set list. We had to leave during Patience because my boyfriend had to wake up for work at 5:30 am, and it was almost 2am at that point.

I enjoyed it. The band was great. It was so Awesome to hear all those songs Live and to actually see Axl in person. (He's calmed down a lot)  ;)

So has anybody seen them lately? Where, When, and how did you like the experience?

November 2nd, 2011, Philips Arena; Atlanta, Georgia. I Loved It!

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Not quite as recently; I missed them in November, but I saw Guns with, surprise surprise, Sebastian Bach (ugh!) in early 2010, and was extremely impressed.

I paid $100 dollars a ticket for GA, which is fine because I took my dad; two guys large enough to get mostly where they want to be, which was dead centre about 4 or 5 rows back. Also having been a detractor of the new lineup in the past, I've managed to get over it, so I was just hoping for a great show and maybe catch Axl on a good day. We did. The band he's built is really talented, and a pretty eclectic group. Their performance was great. The visuals to the show were incredible. Providing the music is up to snuff, I love a huge, overblown stage show in an arena, so that was all good.

The big one was Axl. He looked much healthier than he has in the past 10 years, and he sounded great. There were a couple spots where it sounded like maybe, just maybe he had lost a little bit of range and perhaps, power from his voice, but given the intense nature of his vocal style and how long he's been doing it, you can't ask for a whole lot better. Knowing what the start/end times would be like, I booked my next shift at work off. I figured it was easier to just do that.

I loved it. I was pleasantly surprised at almost every turn. Axl even got down and celebrated the end of the show with fans, passing around tray full after tray full of tequila shots as the rest of the band threw things into the crowd (drum sticks, guitar picks, towels etc). It was absolutely worth the money.

P.s. here's your setlist from Atlanta  ;)

Chinese Democracy
Welcome To The Jungle
It's So Easy
Mr. Brownstone
Rocket Queen
Instrumental Jam
Richard Fortus Guitar Solo (James Bond Theme)
Live and Let Die (Paul McCartney & Wings cover)
Instrumental Jam
This I Love
Riff Raff (AC/DC cover)
My Generation (The Who cover) (Tommy Stinson lead vocals, with band intros)
Dizzy Reed Piano Solo (Baba O' Riley)
Street Of Dreams
You Could Be Mine
DJ Ashba Guitar Solo (Mi Amor)
Sweet Child O' Mine
Instrumental Jam (Another Brick In The Wall)
Axl Rose Piano Solo (Goodbye Yellow Brick Road/Someone Saved My Life Tonight)
November Rain
Instrumental Jam (Low Rider)
Bumblefoot Guitar Solo (Pink Panther Theme)
Don't Cry
Whole Lotta Rosie (AC/DC cover)
Knockin' On Heaven's Door (Bob Dylan cover)
Instrumental Jam


Instrumental Jam
Shackler's Revenge
Instrumental Jam
Out Ta Get Me
Instrumental Jam
Paradise City

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Yes finally saw them my dream since 99. Was an amazing show

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I saw them DEC 4 2010 in Sydney and Axl and the rest of the band was amazing. I met DJ Ashba - Dizzy Reed and Bumblefoot the night before at a meet and greet.

Its a shame you had to leave during the show because of the late time. When I saw them in Sydney in 2007 the show didn't end till 240am. LoL....... It was a Saturday night though..