Author Topic: STONE TEMPLE PILOTS Frontman Diagnosed With 'Inflamed Vocal Cords'  (Read 2356 times)

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STONE TEMPLE PILOTS were forced to postpone the last four shows of their summer tour after lead singer Scott Weiland was diagnosed with "inflamed vocal cords."

The band was scheduled to perform last night (Tuesday, September 13) at the Taft Theater in Cincinnati, Ohio. But per Weiland's physician's diagnosis, Scott was put on immediate vocal rest.

Dr. Sid Khosla, director of the UC Health Voice Center in Cincinnati, said, "Today myself, Dr. Eva Van Leer and ENT Dr. Keith Casper consulted with Mr. Weiland. Upon a video stroboscopy, we determined his left vocal cord has likely scarring and his right vocal cord is tremendously inflamed. With such a heavy concert schedule and vocal activity, we determined that Mr. Weiland could potentially run the risk of a vocal hemorrhage or suffer permanent damage, hence putting him on complete vocal rest."

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STP released its sixth album last year after a nine-year break from the studio. The band's last effort before that, "Shangri-La-Dee-Da", came out in 2001.

The quartet reunited in 2008 for a successful world tour following a six-year hiatus.