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This could be a little premature, considering there are still two big movies this year to come - Avatar and Sherlock Holmes - but I've just been looking into movies set for release next year, and got quite excited.

The Lovely Bones - After The Lord Of The Rings, and King Kong, this is a relatively down-to-earth movie for Peter Jackson. A teenage girl is raped and murdered by their ordinary looking neighbour, and watches down on her family as they struggle through the aftermath from purgotary. Reportedly not as depressing as it sounds.

The Wolfman - This has been finished for a while, and was supposed to be released this year, but citing financial issues, it was delayed until next year. Benicio del Toro stars as a werewolf.

Shutter Island - Another film that was delayed from this year. This one is another collaboration between Leonardo di Caprio and Martin Scorsese (after the brilliant Gangs Of New York, The Aviator and The Departed). This one has Leo investigate strange goings on at a mental hospital, only to be institutionalised himself.

A Couple Of Dicks - It's just been given a new title that hasn't been released yet. This is Kevin Smith stepping away from the comedy he's accustomed to and directing an old-school cop movie starring Bruce Willis. Should be interesting.

Alice In Wonderland - Tim Burton + Johnny Depp + Weirdness = No need to say anything else.

Clash Of The Titans - A remake of the movie based on the Greek myth of Perseus. (Hopefully this time without mechanical owls). Perseus this time around is being played by Sam Worthington from this year's Terminator Salvation and Avatar.

Iron Man 2 - If the original Iron Man wasn't the surprisingly awesome summer movie surpassed only by The Dark Knight, I'd still want to see this one. Why? Well, because it has Scarlet Johannsson wearing skintight suit in it...

Robin Hood I love Ridley Scott. His CV reads like a list of my favorite movies... Alien. Blade Runner. Gladiator. Black Hawk Down. Kingdom Of Heaven. Hopefully his vision for a more plausible take on the character of Robin Hood will be added to that list. Maybe the studio will pull a Blade Runner and Kingdom Of Heaven by releasing a vastly inferior cut, and it won't be until the re-release on DVD that it gets released how it was supposed to be seen in the first place... but I'm hoping studios may have learned by now that when Ridley says a film is good, he's usually right.

Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time - I saw the trailer recently, and am fairly confident that this could prove the exception to the rule that movies based on video games are cheap, nasty and ultimately bad. Still... Persians being played by white people speaking with english accents? Hopefully, it'll be fun enough to look past that.

Jonah Hex - It's a comic book character that most people don't know about. I don't even know that much about it. But it looks good. And if it isn't, there's always Megan Fox to do her usual job of looking good whilst things are exploding.

Toy Story 3 - What happens to toys when their owner grows up? Let's hope whatever the answer, it isn't disappointing.

Inception - Not much is known about this movie, other than it's a sci fi epic of some kind (possibly similar to Minority Report), written and directed by Christopher Nolan (who is looking to be the new Ridley Scott after Memento, The Prestige, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight), and starring Leonardo diCaprio, Marion Cotillard, Cillian Murphy and Ellen Page.

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I'm really looking forward to seeing Shutter Island! 

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More stupid shit, for more stupid people... yep, that is Hollywood

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I haven't had the time to watch as many movies as I'd like these last couple of years, so I'm not really up to speed on what's scheduled for release, and certainly not about new and up-and-coming talents in the world of filmmaking. However, after nearly a decade in the planning, Wong Kar-wai has finally started filming for The Grand Master this year, but I seriously doubt he'll wrap it up in time for a 2010 release...

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The only good movie I can claim to have seen from 2010 is Alice In Wonderland...I thoroughly enjoyed that.

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Avatar sucked. Sherlock Holmes was okay. Shutter Island and Inception were alot better than I thought. Jonah Hex was boring. Toy Story 3 was good. I don't like Johnny Depp that much,he just does nothing for me.