Author Topic: MATT SORUM Featured On NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC's 'Dog Whisperer' - Sep. 19, 2009  (Read 2979 times)

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VELVET REVOLVER/ex-GUNS N' ROSES drummer Matt Sorum and his girlfriend, Ace Harper (of the DARLING STILETTOS), were featured on last night's (Friday, September 18) episode of "Dog Whisperer", the National Geographic channel television series hosted by professional dog trainer Cesar Millan.

Matt stated about the episode, which was taped in April 2009, "We were having some problems with young [French bulldog] Miles [he was] a bit dog-aggressive and a little out of control. So Ace and I put a video together and reached out to the master guru Cesar Millan, and to our surprise, [he] called us and came to our house to work with Miles and us.

"We learned so much in one day of things we were doing wrong.

Matt added, "[Cesar] is amazing. He took Miles [in April] to his dog psychology camp.

"We are so honored to have him working with our baby."

A three-minute excerpt from last night's episode can be viewed below.

"Dog Whisperer" is an Emmy Award-nominated reality television series that premiered on September 13, 2004 on the National Geographic channel. Cesar Millan portrays his real-life role in rehabilitating and restoring balance to dogs with problems.

Millan's specialty is working with dogs that are known to be aggressive. Episodes of the program often feature, but are not limited to, work with an aggressive dog and Millan's application of rules, boundaries, and limitations. Millan believes that pack leadership, by all humans who live or work with the dog, is required for the dog to exist in a content, calm state. Millan demonstrates to the owners how to obtain and maintain this.