Author Topic: Perla continues search for missing brother  (Read 5421 times)

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Perla will appear on the October 23rd E! Special "Psychic Hollywood: Search for the Truth" to assist in their ongoing search for her brother.

From her Twitter:

just wrapped "psychic hollywood search for the truth" it was about my brother, very emotional and heavy now im drinkin champagne #fb

shooting E! "Psychic Hollywood" tomorrow. its about my brother Ivan thats been missing since 2001
6:07 PM Sep 13th from mobile web

From Slash Online:

Dear Friends:

My brother Ivan Pablo Alvarez has been missing since December of 2001.
He was last seen in Hollywood, California.

Slash and I have hired Orange County private investigator David Mancini of Mancini & Associates to conduct the investigation into his disappearance.

If you have any information about his disappearance or whereabouts, please forward it to: or

Thank you.

HT: 5'9"
EYES: Brown
DOB: 7-27-64

Additional information:
He also goes by the name Angel Padilla.
He wears a gold chain with a gold medal bearing an Indian head.

Thanks to FunkyMonkey at HTGTH

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It seems to me that Perla should divulge more info surrounding the disappearance of her brother. That might help in the search. In any event I hope she finds him or at least finds out what happened to him. Perla and her family deserve closure.

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I really hope that she finds him!!

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Not knowing must be one of the worst sensations, I really hope it works out in something good for her and her family.

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i'm really sorry for that and i'm really hope she find him the first possible...and without problem...if i could do something, i will

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I didn't know this. I hope he's ok and appears soon safe and good

so many problems in this world.. it gets really tough sometimes

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Perla posted on her Twitter page last week that she has found out her brother is dead. She is still searching for his body.

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I hope that she finds her brother.

I find the fraudulent scum that claim psychic abilities, and that take advantage of people's vulnerabilities disgusting.