Author Topic: Floating down the Green River, Auburn, Wash, 8/9 at Game Farm Wilderness Park  (Read 2738 times)

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My high school class is doing a 15 year reunion picnic on Sunday the 9th from 9am-3pm, but some folks will be doing some floating down river that afternoon.  Anyone who'd like to join in is welcome to come by, if you're in the south King County area.  We need folks to bring inner tubes, rafts, and volunteers to drive folks back up to the picnic area.  The address is:

2401 Stuck River Rd,
Auburn, Washington

Look for the picnic shelter with the AHS 94 sign.  Bring food, friends, and kids for this event.  If you know any Auburn High School graduates, please let them know about this event.  It should be a good time for all.