Author Topic: What the hell happened??  (Read 12165 times)

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Not sure what you're looking for Fudd. All the details from the parties involved have been told. It's like a divorce situation, Mom tells her side about how fucked up Dad is, Dad says what a dizzy Bitch Mom was...and it's usually somewhere in the middle. Bottom line they weren't meant to be together from that point on......time for Mom to go out drinkin and get a good ponuding, and time for Dad to get a 2 girl Asian nuru massage and leave the past where it is.

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Dude, this is getting to be like the DSS-MAX-TNT forum here.  A bunch of guys who'd love to be VR frontmen, but who are now doing other music projects, eh.  You two guys are definitely awesome musicians, and it sucks big hairy ones that neither of you are touring with VR, eh.