Author Topic: New STP single coming in September?  (Read 2652 times)

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This was posted on's forums:

"Ok. So, in addition to being a hardcore STP fan, I am also a dj for a rock station. Yesterday when I was in the studio I saw a paper, which I'm not sure where it came from but it looked official, that had upcoming single release dates for artists. It had STP listed for September 29th. Now, I'm not saying by any means that this is official. It's probably just a tentative release date just like album release dates are. Nonetheless IF it does happen we are just a few months away from new STP!"

The single release date definitely makes sense because Scott said in an interview last week that the new STP album will probably come out around Christmas (December 2009) and singles usually come out 2 and a half-3 months before albums come out.  Hopefully we get an official release date and album title sometime in July/August.

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I think we have to add the interview where Scott says December might be the month for the release!,,6069759,00.html

So fucking excited!!

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can't wait....I hope I don't over hype it in my head