Author Topic: STP are in the studio and have 18 songs written  (Read 2651 times)

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Weiland -- who performs with a solo band at Aliante Station on Friday ($33-$55; 547-5300) -- put "Be Not Afraid" on his winter solo album, " 'Happy' in Galoshes."

But he also is reunited with STP, which tours in July and is ready to take on a new album.

"We've already got 18 songs written. We'll probably whittle it down to the best 12," he says. "But then there'll be a lot of other songs ready for the next record."

That means STP has no rumblings of breaking up again. Sometimes, communication deteriorates among band members, but that's human nature, he says.

"We're working with (producer) Don Was. And if he could make records with the (Rolling) Stones and all their shenanigans ... then he can handle STP."

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That's great news! Any track names been released?

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oh that's a good news! can't wait for a new stp album!