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saw "twilight" last night with my daughter.

i thought it was okay. edward (robert paterson) is one of the most beautiful actors i have seen in a long long time. all moody...actually he's fine as hell.

it dragged a little. but - i did not read the book. i only knew the plot line from listening to my daughter all summer.

my daughter - who has read the book three times - was sorely disappointed and only gave it a 3 out of 10. she said the actors were wrong, the setting was wrong, and there were main points missing from the story.

to me - the $10 was worth watching robert paterson for 2 hours...

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I've recently watched all 3 dvds of the twilight saga.. and sad to say I love it and had to know how it all ends so I bought the books so now I know how it ends and cant wait for the film to come out in November but gutted that the final book will be made into 2 films tho!

now reading the 1st book.. and yes Edward "Robert Paterson" is lovely to watch  :)
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