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wooowww i cant believe what happened!

First joya met us at the will call area! she was really nice ..the funny thing was that i took a bag with me for all the papers ( my fathers card in my wallet email that i printed and signed and so on and on..) but joya just wanted to see me Photo I.D.
So we all took the package and joya told us to wait 5 minutes,everyone opned the package and we put the laminates around our neck.there were some ppl from spain i think and two ppl with gibson guitars.all in all there were 18 ppl backstage. ( there was also someone with the new slash signature custom ) inside the venue ( at 5 o clock somewhere ) joya told us to be at the right side of the stage at 7.15 and we that we go backsatge at 7.30. so i could see the first two bands ( baaaad..i dont like them there were just ..buaahhh  :P ) then at 7.15 we met were we had to met.when everyone was ready we went to the backstage area which was a big hall where some people were eating something. but then we saw the table. and we stood there about 10 minutes. suddenly joya took out two small bags with a lot of guitar picks ( about 100 ) and she gave us some ( everyones got a duff and a slash guitar pick )
then joya told us to wait in front of the table.she took her walkie talkie and said something like "the band can come in!"
and there they were..dave slash duff n matt walked to the table and i was like "ohoo" and soem were clapping hands :-)
in front of the waiting people there was a man with a black t shirt and i spiderweb tattooed on his right arm ( who is this guy) he told us that we can let them sign one i took my guitar strap AND my band photo but he didnt say anything less than "wow what a nice guitar strap! are you nervous" and i just said "yeah..of course i am!" then he said "gogogo" and i walked towards !!!VELVET REVOLVER!!  and i just said.."hey...guys!" and they said "hi" :lol:  when i gave dave my guitar strap  he looked at me and said "hey little rocker!whats up?" and i was like "wazz upp.." and when i gave the photo and the strap to duff i looked at me then he turned around and spit out
a bubblegum and the bubble gum flew over the whole place and i just laughed but then he looked at me and grinned at me and he pointed the finger to my face and said something like "jo!" Slash was so cool. he looked at me and signed the strap and the photo.then it was matt`s turn!he signes the strap first and then he wanted to sign the photo but i thought he already i wanted to take the photo and matt looked at me a bit confused and he took the photo and i just said "ouuuu sorry matt!" then he grinned at me and slash aid something but i didnt understand what he said ( its a shame i know!)then i got in position for the photo and as limberly said i   leaned down so that my head is even with theirs^^ and thats what i did..i also touched slashs and duffs back!! :lol:
i thought about pulling slashs curls but then i thought "ouu i wouldnt like that" so i didnt do anything :-)   
then i went back to the other ppl who also went to the table.and i watched them.
one guy gave soem special cigarettes to slash n matt.matt opened them was kinda funny when good charlotte started to perform and we all were still backstage and suddenly said "thats the soundtrack from ( i have no idea what it was )" and duff and dave started to laugh because slash was so quiet all the time but when he could say something about music he has to say it! :-) well then we had to say goodbye and thats what i did "GOOD BYE GUYS!!" and i waved my arms :-) it was sooo cool!

i will post my picture as soon as i get the email from joya :-)
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Thanks for sharing! I'm glad to hear that you had a great time (and that you didn't pass out from nervousness or anything!  LOA!).  I'm sure that it's all you've thought about, today!  Can't wait to see your photo!  :headbanger:

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You wrote a nice review BFS 8) Sounds like you really enjoyed it once it finally got here. :D

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So did most people get the proper guitar picks at the M&G??

We got shitty ones at the Dublin gig.
Load of shite!!

I thought we'd get genuine picks. BOOO

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i went to m+g in wolverhampton and didnt get proper picks  :(