Author Topic: Who turned out the lights?  (Read 2504 times)

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So, I type my post and it disappeared.

Now I'm really scarred!  I loath the "hidden" option for users anyway, I get it in certain circumstances, but, I don't like it. And I really don't get the turning out the lights on the rest of the board, it's like wandering around talking to yourself. What's the value? It's not anonymity cuz if you post, then your there. And has anyone ever been called out for reading threads? Why, o, why have we been cast into darkness?


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No posts have been pulled from the forum this evening, even though there has been plenty of off-topic banter which probably could have been deleted.

As for the "lights" being out, a feature which displayed the names of members viewing a board/topic has been turned off to reduce unnecessary server load, and as a bonus it will also increase our members' privacy. This was a unanimous decision made by our senior staff, so don't expect it to be turned back on again. If you want to see what your friends are up to, you can still do that at though.