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 Hey all!,
 I got this guitar last month, a Gibson Baldwin Signature Series Les Paul Style Guitar .

  Here are some specs from Gibson: ELECTRIC LP GUITAR Solid Body with Binding Select Wood
 & Chrome Hardware Classic Humbuckers ,Dual Volume & Tone Controls Neck Headstock14
Degree Angle Peghead ShapeGibson Dovewing Machine HeadsChrome Diecast Truss Rod CoverGibson
 Bell Shape MaterialMaple NutBlack Neck JointBolt On - 16th Fret FingerboardRosewood
Scale628mm/24.75" Inlay StyleDot Body StyleLP Style PickguardLP Style BWB Finish Heritage
Cherry Sunburst Electronic/Hardware PickupsDual Classic Humbucker Controls2-Volume,
 2-Tone KnobsBlack Speed Knobs BridgeClassic Wrap-Around Hardware, FinishChrome 
     I put in a PIC link to a similar one on e-bay.
 (you may have to copy/paste link)
  Can someone tell me if this was a good buy for a decent guitar? It's from gibson china. I hope it does'nt have lead paint, because i really like to chew on guitars!  :lol:  I figured for under a 100 bucks YOU CAN'T BEAT IT!!   ANY HELP WOULD BE GREAT! THANK YOU,THANK YOU VERY MUCH!  8) I mean even wal-mart guitars cost more~ya, know?
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It plays as well as the les Paul studio I used to have, but I wanted to know what you all think.
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edit: Thank you for the reply Tophat!!  8)
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you own this guitar, or want to buy it? The picture is of a box.

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 I own one.  I see what you mean by it's a pic of a box. the box has clear plastic that displays the guitar body. I'm trying to get a better pic of it out of box, I don't have a digital cam. okay, it's a stupid picture, but here's what it looks like.  here are the specs again. I just want to know from an expert how close this thing is related to the $1000+ models. ( I think it beats the hell out of wal-mart guitars, cheaper too!)Thanks for your help!

- Solid Body with Binding

- Select Wood & Chrome Hardware

- Classic Humbuckers

- Dual Volume & Tone Controls

- Satisfaction Guaranteed by Gibson


- Headstock 14 Degree Angle
- Peghead Shape Gibson Dovewing
- Machine Heads Chrome Diecast
- Truss Rod Cover Gibson Bell Shape
- Material Maple
- Nut Black
- Neck Joint Bolt On - 16th Fret
- Fingerboard Rosewood
- Scale 628mm/24.75"
- Inlay Style Dot


- Style LP Style
- Pickguard LP Style BWB
- Finish Heritage Cherry Sunburst


- Pickups Dual Classic Humbucker
- Controls 2-Volume, 2-Tone
- Knobs Black Speed Knobs
- Bridge Classic Wrap-Around
- Hardware Finish Chrome

It has a very good tone to it. Did I do okay, considering I don't  have 2 grand?
EDIT: well, it looks like a portion of the sales went to charity. If this guitar does'nt suck, it's a win/win situation, I guess)
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Here's the thing. Any guitar that's priced differently is going to have been built differently. Gibsons built in other countries are usually more production-line style, meaning that they have all the parts, and they're put together in an assembly line fashion. The most expensive ones have more hands on building attention.

My guess would be that the difference between your guitar and a 2300$ Standard Les Paul would be that yours is cheaper wood, parts and electronics, and is probably built as more of the assembly line styling.

Tone comes from the fingers of who's playing it:wink:

Darkburst is the resident Guitar Guru, and as much as I pride myself on knowledge of this kind, he will most certainly come and clarify anything that needs it.

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It looks like your typical Les Paul knock-off from China. I can't fathom a Les Paul with a bolt-on rather than set neck. I doubt they're using the best quality wood and electronics. It's definitely not going to have the attention to detail found in Gibsons higher end guitars. I'm sure it's an okay guitar to learn on, especially for the price.

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i dunno m8,at that price i would've probably bought a second-hand epi,lp juniors go for about 50 quid, but you were'nt to know(im guessin you've jus started out and know little about the different guitars on the market)sounds fine for wot you need though,looks good!.

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As long as it feels good to you so you play it, and the tone makes you happy, you did fine. We all gotta start somewhere, and your options these days are amazingly better than when I was your age. The important thing is that you your heart out young man, if you get to where you know this is something you're gonna keep doing you'll get the "buy more stuff" bug like the rest of us  :D

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  Well, it's been a couple of years now, and although it's not a real les paul, it's still just as smooth as the day I bought it. I do have what seems to be a grounding issue. I have to take a copper wire, wrap it around the metal part of my cord, and make sure it touches some part of my body.

 Does anybody have an idea how much real leas paul "guts" cost? I'm thinking about chagning averything out to gibson usa parts, and was hoping somebody could ballpark it for me. I would just go buy a good used epiphone,or les paul, but I've grown quite fond of this thing. I had a studio lite at one one time, and got into money issues, and pawned it. :( Wish I would have hung on to it. they stopped making them after I bought it.
 If anyone still somes here, and can help, thanks in advance.