What is Velvet Revolver's best album?

Contraband (2004)
15 (23.1%)
Libertad (2007)
50 (76.9%)

Total Members Voted: 65

Author Topic: Libertad Review Thread (for forum members' reviews only)  (Read 32238 times)

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This is the Velvet Revolver Forum review thread.  Let the forum know how much you like Libertad.

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I've been waiting for this album for 2 years. Let's just say it did not disappoint. It was much more than I expected.

I can say that this is probably going to be one of my favorite albums, even a few years down the road.

Great job, guys.

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Jim The Stimulator's Review of Libertad

If I were to compare Libertad to any album that isn't related to STP or GNR, I would give it a 10/10 for every single song.  So because I'm an STP fan before I'm a GNR fan, I will compare this album to STP-related albums and rate the songs accordingly.  (That includes Talk Show, Army Of Anyone, and Velvet Revolver - Contraband).

Let It Roll - The album starts off with an excellent, head-banging song that makes you want to sing along with Scott.  Sucker Train Blues is a great opener for Contraband, but this song is better.  This is a song that has that patented VR sound that we heard on Contraband.  10/10

She Mine - I like the intro.  I like the verses.  However, the choruses get old and annoying after a while.  This song reminds me of Church On Tuesday (STP - No. 4) for some reason.  Maybe it's the way Scott says "Tuesday".  The bridge is great as well.  If only the chorus was better.  But I do like the last chorus with the verse over top of it.  7/10

Get Out The Door - This is another excellent song.  I think this song is destined to be a hit on rock radio.  Like Let It Roll, this song reminds me of the Contraband sound except mixed better.  The talk box works well in the solo.  This is a classic song.  10/10

She Builds Quick Machines - Slither's little brother.  This song best demonstrates the VR style.  It has everything you want: straight-ahead rock, a catchy chorus, a great bridge, and a signature Slash solo.  It's obvious why it's the first single.  In fact, the bridge makes the song.  Without the bridge, this song would just be average.  But with it, it's a hit.  So what was the better song?  SBQM or Slither?  Well, SBQM is great, but it's no Slither.  8/10

The Last Fight - This is VR's big song on the album.  "Big" in that this song will probably be the one to convert new fans.  Fall To Pieces was this song on Contraband, and it did it's job well, but not as well as expected (in the USA).  So how will this song fare?  If my opinion means anything, this song is better than Fall To Pieces.  They're similar in that they have catchy choruses, are power ballads, and have a great solo by Slash.  The Last Fight is better than FTP because of two reasons:  1) The lyrics are not nearly as repetitive.  2) This song is even more catchy than FTP!  10/10

Pills, Demons, Etc. - The first of two songs about Michael Weiland on Libertad.  This is the best fast song on Libertad up to this point.  It is just so damn catchy.  This is another potential hit single, despite the presence of the dreaded "F" word.  Ooo whoo hoo...  10/10

American Man - The verse is great.  I love the melody and psychedelic sound of it.  And the chorus, although repetitive like She Mine, makes you want to yell it out to anyone near.  Unfortunately, I'm Canadian, but they have the same number of syllables so it works  8)9/10

Mary Mary - VR channels the Beatles and Rolling Stones, except with louder guitars.  This is an excellent song.  I'm only up to track 8, but already I'm in love with this album.  Mary gets her very own song on this album, and it's pure fun.  9.5/10

Just Sixteen - And just when I thought the album couldn't get any better, along comes this song.    This song is along the same lines as the other fast songs on this album.  This is my favourite fast song on the entire album.  Actually, this is my favourite fast VR song period.  This is a song with massive hit potential.  10/10

Can't Get It Out Of My Head - Oh no!  It's a cover song!  Run for your lives!!!  Actually it's not that bad.  It's pretty good.  Ok, ok, it's an excellent cover.  There.  I admitted it.  Disagree with me if you wish, but this song belongs on the album.  Where it falls in the album, when listening to the songs in order, just seems to work.  That's not to say that certain other songs should have been on the album, just that they shouldn't replace this song.  VR and Brendan O'Brien made the correct choice by keeping this song on the album.  8/10

For A Brother - The thematic companion to Pills, Demons, Etc.  The verse is sung very similarly to Spectacle, but I like this song a lot more.  The chorus and bridge are expecially strong. 9/10

Spay - The thematic sequel to Dirty Little Thing.  Obviously, the heroine of Dirty Little Thing didn't "get away" from the four things sung about.  Scott must be getting a little bit exasperated because all he has to say now is:  "Why won't you spay yourself!?"  This song sounds like the unholy union of "Unglued" (STP -Purple), MC5 (STP - No. 4), and Illegal i Song.  This is another great song to sing out loud.  Just make sure there are no people within vocal range.  Same thing goes with cats and/or dogs for that matter.  You don't want to start scaring your pet now do you?  9/10

Gravedancer - On Contraband, my favourite song was the final song on the album.  Libertad turns out to have exactly the same result.  Gravedancer is the best song Velvet Revolver has done.  It's an absolutely perfect song.  It's one of those songs you wish you wrote.  Libertad, an excellent album, fittingly finishes with an amazingly gorgeous song that perfectly describes this album as a whole.  10/10

Don't Drop That Dime - Oh, wait, the album isn't finished after all.  Obviously, it's done as a joke, and it's nice to hear the band have a lot of fun,  The yodeling at the end is a nice reminder of Mighty Joe Young's demo album which featured a very similar yodel.  Weiland is one talented guy.  Can Eddie Vedder yodel?  No he can't.  9/10


Psycho Killer - The original verison of this song by the Talking Heads is one of my favourite songs.  So I was happy when VR covered this song.  They do a great job on this cover (just like the one on the album), by updating the song with hard rock sound, but still keeping what made the song great in the first place.  8/10

Messages - You want to know why this song is not on the album?  It's because this is a sad song.  It just doesn't fit with the general lightness that encompasses Libertad.  With that said, this is an excellent song that deserves to be heard by the general public.  VR should put this on a movie soundtrack, and/or release it as a single.  10/10

I haven't heard Gas And A Dollar Laugh yet.

General Comments

Contraband is a great album that I liked a lot, but there was a lot of potential for something better.  Libertad has fulfilled that potential and it turned out to be better than I ever imagined.  When ccomparing the two albums thematically, it's similar to the difference between STP's No. 4 and Shangri-La Dee Da.  No. 4 is dark and angry, but Shangri-La Dee Da is light and generally happy.  Contraband is dark and angry, but Libertad is light and happy.  In fact, Libertad is a fun, party record that you can dance to.  You can also hear in every song the fun the members of VR had while recording it. 

Creatively, the songwriting is tight, the band members are all playing their best, and the excellent songs are a result of that.  Singing-wise, this is Scott Weiland's best album.  The lyrics are also much more up to his STP standards as opposed to the repetitiveness of the songs on Contraband.  Production-wise  Brendan O'Brien is 100 times better than Josh Abraham.  I'd like to hear what Contraband sounds like with O'Brien doing the mixing.

There is one thing that VR can change that would make their next album even better:  Credit the songwriters like STP did most of the time by separating who wrote the music and who wrote the lyrics.  That way we can see who wrote what song.  But that's obviously a miniscule nitpick that doesn't really change the quality of the album.  I just had to find something negative to say.

Here is how I rank all the albums that are STP-related:

1) Shangri-La Dee Da (STP)
2) No. 4 (STP)
3) Purple (STP)
4) Tiny Music (STP)
5) 12 Bar Blues (Scott Weiland)
6) Libertad (Velvet Revolver)
7) Core (STP)
8  Army Of Anyone (Army Of Anyone)
9) Contraband (Velvet Revolver)
10) Talk Show (Talk Show)

I don't think any album will unseat those top 4 albums, but maybe Velvet Revolver's 3rd album will continue to build on Libertad and be even better.  If this album is any indication, the future is bright for Velvet Revolver.
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Two words!!   

F(*&&^% awesome!!!!!  Better than I could have ever imagined!

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I voted for Libertad also coz contraband is allready annoyed me.

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I only like ‘She Builds Quick Machines’, ‘Pills, Demons & Etc’ and ‘Get out The Door’ 'Spay' is fairly decent to I'll give it 4/10 I dunno I’m not really liking it much, alot of fillers IMO. People I’ve talked to who have listened to Libertad have also said it's pretty crap.

How can you say this is better than STP's Core??? lol that's Ludicrous. This is a wasted rubbish out-of-touch Album.

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I have to agree with some of what WickedGarden has said, im a little disappointed with Libertad so far but some of the songs are growing on me. In my opinion the album is a little two sided in that the first six songs are excellent and the rest of the album seems to sound like VR doing impressions of other bands. Mary Mary sounds like T Rex to me, good song though and Gravedancer reminds me of Pearl Jam. As for dont drop that dime, a piss take it may be but how can you put that on the album and leave off messages?? Cant get it out of my head............. oh dear :( :( Not one of their best, i would have preferred Psycho Killer. To be honest the album to me sounds over produced, too clean, not enough of the rawness of contraband. Dont get me wrong, im not saying i dont like the album, im just not raving about it like i thought i would be. It appears that the band go from hard rock, Let it Roll, to AOR soft rock with Cant Get it Out of My Head. Personaly i prefer the hard rock approach. Overall 6/10 could do better :)

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I have to agree with some of what WickedGarden has said, im a little disappointed with Libertad so far but some of the songs are growing on me. In my opinion the album is a little two sided in that the first six songs are excellent and the rest of the album seems to sound like VR doing impressions of other bands. Mary Mary sounds like T Rex to me, good song though and Gravedancer reminds me of Pearl Jam. As for dont drop that dime, a piss take it may be but how can you put that on the album and leave off messages?? Cant get it out of my head............. oh dear :( :( Not one of their best, i would have preferred Psycho Killer. To be honest the album to me sounds over produced, too clean, not enough of the rawness of contraband. Dont get me wrong, im not saying i dont like the album, im just not raving about it like i thought i would be. It appears that the band go from hard rock, Let it Roll, to AOR soft rock with Cant Get it Out of My Head. Personaly i prefer the hard rock approach. Overall 6/10 could do better :)

I have to say that I pretty much totally agree with you, with the exception of liking Get Out The Door, the chorus annoys me for some reason. I'm dissapointed by this album, I've been listening to it a good bit because I really want to like it but I'm struggling. Some of the songs, Let It Roll and Just Sixteen, are good but nothing more than that, it's just a very average album in my opinion. Maybe I'd built it up so much that I was ultimately going to be let down by it, and maybe with time I will grow to like it more, but at the moment that doesn't look likely.

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I hate to Sony bmg Argentina. Still they did not distribute Libertad so that they were late.  :evil:

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People need to realize that Contraband was just a wall of noise. This album without a doubt is produced better. Even if you don't like the songs, you can't say that Contraband sounds better production wise.

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Contraband was an excellant 1st album have waited a whille for libertad same as most of u and i have to say this album is well produced some great guitar work and scotts vocals sound awesome i love 90% of the album a few of my fave tracks let it roll,Sbqm,she mine,the last fight,get out the door generally love the whole album great work guys my vote goes to libertad :D

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I actually wrote my 2 cents worth on another topic, but I figured I should start a fresh one. SO here goes my opinion of Libertad.

First, Interesting title, latin. ok.

I thought this album would be the same or better, in energy levels like Contraband. Instead, it's a puffy, weak, soft rock n roll album. It certainly doesn't stand out like Contraband did. There are a few decent songs that anyone can put out, Let it Roll, I do like but it is so damn short. For some reason, the vocals take a back seat to the music overall. Weilands voice isn't standing out as strong as Contraband. Maybe the intention was to blend it in more, i don't know. As for the Vocals, man his voice has weakend so much over the years. Do his drug induced days actually show his best voice? Maybe Scott needs to go back a bit. lol. If my GF can notice this and she isn't really a fan of VR, I am sure many others can too.

"She Mine" has a total feel from Lynard Skynard's "Mr Saturday Night", whatever the title actually is called. The groove is copied. Listen to both songs and you will see for yourself.

"Get out the door". Ehh. That's just ehh.

"She builds...." The first single, fine it's good, I like it.

"The last fight". Good for a somewhat ballad.

"Pills....." Is ok

"American Man". I like this song too.

"Mary Mary" Solid and a good song

"Just 16" Is ok

"Cant get it out of my head" Give me a friggin break. Aweful. Period. This cover?

"Spay' Ehh

"Gravedancer" Not bad

The country song, whatever that is, omg, this is pathetic.

Like I said, this album has a feel for the last few STP's. It doesn't do anything compared to Contraband. Also, what songs on here can be played live? And would be good live? Not many.

Let me say this, not one song on here comes close to "Sliver". I would be totally shocked if this sold better than Contraband. And, like i said on another thread, there is no way we will see 5 albums from VR. On the pace of one every 3 years, that's 15 years. Not a good pace. How about one a yr, like most do.

And VR, maybe you shouldn't wait an hour to come on stage all the time. Try to speed it up a little instead of making fans just stand there and wait forever. And if you wanna play some good live songs, play "Cmon Come In" Play, "Money" if you wanna do a  Pink Floyd "cover".  "Wish you were here" is so tiresome. It bores people. Sorry, had to say that.

I do like the band, though I am a bit negative with my thread. It's just that all the hype the band did on how this album was gonna rock, it's really dissapointing. Are they actually that proud of this album? Contraband, yes, they should be. It was one of the better rock albums the past decade. Libertad is not taking them to the next Supergroup level.

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"Sliver" and "supergroup" lost my interest in your review.  But it is your opinion.  

I think Contraband and Libertad are awesome, solid albums in their own right, and I'm glad they didn't make a "contraband part II."

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This band has been billed as a Supergroup. I didn't come up with that, the media did. I am just pointing it out. I like Sliver, I like the solo. It's a better song than anything on Libertad, IMHO. I am just making one reference to one song from Contraband, not an overall reference. All I did was pick one song from that album to compare.

WE all have opinions, I know. I did not see any other review topic so i started my own. If there is one, I will check it out.

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oops, my bad, SLITHER. Brain fart.

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I did start my own topic on this but I will reply here. I guess everyone has their opinion and that's fine. To say Libertad is better than Contraband, I don't think so. To compare VR to STP or GNR isn't fair either, so i really do not want. Best of the 3 bands albums was Appetite for Destruction. Some of you may not have been born then, but hey, it's my opinion.

I honeslty had a higher hope for this. Maybe I am thinking in wrong terms here, but this album, is less rock than Contraband. Not that it is a bad album, but it ain't breaking records here. I just feel that for a second album that took 3 long years in the making, could have been better. That's a long time for an album to come out and that's why I say we won't see 5 VR albums. 15 years is a long time, unless they do 1 a year.

I like a harder sound somewhat and Contraband was harder. That's my simple opinion. Libertad is soft. No energy.

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Do you always listen to everything the media tells you? And at least tell us WHY you thought songs were "ehh" and "ok" - provide evidence so the rest of us don't gloss over what you said.

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ehh for me means it doesn't do anything. my opinion of the album is such that it is not harder than the first. some i am sure glossed over the topic, thats fine. i see where some other opinion topics elsewhere gove a stronger opinion of each song. as i listen to libertad more, i am sure my opinions will sway a bit more and get a better feel for it. right now, i see many songs on libertad as just another rock song.

whatever VR does in the future is anyones guess. i think these guys have many things going on outside of the band. maybe thats why it took 3 years to put this out, i dont know. what i do know, is that its an ok album, not chart breaking.

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I like libertad more, for example there Matt (my opinion) is way more better than in contraband..

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First off. libertad is a great album, i really cant compare it to contraband cuz its totally different.  

Let it Roll-Amazing opener, it gets the cd going right away and is drivin with a great vocal line and great guitars. The only thing about this song i dont like is the production of it. Could have had heavier guitars like in the other songs on libertad and live. Also daves changes from wierd distortions, doesnt sound the greatest. Overall 4.5 out of 5

She Mine-love the vocal harmony and a pretty good riff, very simple but sounds cool. Like the different distortions of dave in this song. This is a song that shows some great vocals by scott. Has that trademark vr sound with good production and mixing. Overall 4 out of 5

Get Out The Door-big props to dave to for some badass riffs. Also some great vocals again and good lead part from slash. Great production with lots of background things going on. Love the beat from Matt and the cowbell. Overall 4.5 out of 5

She Builds Quick Machines-love the riff and the vocals. Duff really drives this song in the verse with some heavy bass. Dave's harmony guitar parts are not very spectacular and a very crunchy distortion. Amazing breakdown with matts drums and heavy bass from duff then blasting out amazing vocals from scott and a blistering solo from slash with an awesome background riff from dave. Overall 4 out of 5

The Last Fight-there is so much to say about this song. amazing guitar parts from both slash and dave, love the acoustic from dave. The vocals are very intense and the background vocals at the end are amazing. The solo is great too. Gonna be an amazing second single. Love the piano too. Great production on this song. 5 out of 5

Pills, Demons, Etc.-a great song. This is the actually song that mixes the styles of GNR and STP. With and gnr drivin main riff and bass line with slash's signature wah and a great guitar part from dave that meshes well with the song. Then the chorus is very stp sounding with scotts vocals and a great solo. Overall 4.5 out 5

American Man-Cool bass line with good lead guitar and solos but not a very interesting song. I love the verse though but the chorus seems out of place. Overall 2.5 out of 5

Mary Mary-great beat from matt and classic sounding guitars that turn into a great VR riff and awesome bass lines from duff. Not a fan of the vocals on this song. Just doesnt pop out at me. Overall 3.5 out of 5

Just Sixteen-great lead guitar with an awesome riff in the verse from slash, very bluesy. Awesome lyrics and vocals from scott and good bass and drums and rhythm guitar. awesome solo too. One of the best songs on the album. Overall 5 out of 5

Can't Get it out of my head-at first listen i hated it but if you really listen its pretty beautiful for a cover. with slash's lead guitar sounding like gnr again and great sounding acoustics. not a bad tune with a great classic solo. still should have been replaced with either psycho killer or gas and a dollar laugh. Overall 3.5 out of 5

For a brother-great riff with awesome cowbell and good vocals. cool chorus and a good breakdown. Still kind of repetative. Overall 3.5 out of 5

Spay-an almost its so easy bass line at the beginning with great slide guitar and awesome vocals with one of the best riffs in the chorus. Great beat from matt. Overall 4 out of 5

Gravedancer-awesome guitar parts with the effects in the verse and awesome vocals lines in the chorus. Great solo too.  Overall 4.5 out of 5

Don't drop that dime-funny song with some cool acoustic guitars. sounds like the mix of Used to Love her, country and the rolling stones.

Messages-amazing acoustic guitars and a powerful and sad lead by slash. You can feel the pain in this song from everyone in the band. very powerful song, too powerful for libertad. Its an amzing song but doesnt fit with this cd. Its niether too good nor too bad for this cd. Overall 5 out of 5

Gas N A $ Laugh-awesome classic sound with not very good production but a great song. funny lyrics too. Overall 4 out of 5

Psycho Killer-great cover. Should have been on the album. Great bass and drums and guitar from both slash and dave and vocals from scott are amazing. Overall 4.5out of 5

Libertad overall a 4.5 out of 5

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I am not sure of the bands direction form first to second album, cd, whatever you wanna call it. It's a bit softer and I won't change my stance on that and it is a bit pop in some regards. I liked the raw, edginess of Contraband and for some to say it was all noise or whatever, I personally do not see that.  I see Contraband  as one of the better albums to start off the new millenium. Libertad is ok, but won't be a steping stone for the band. Taking 3 years to make this album I just do not understand. Yeah, fine, they toured and all that, so does everyone else and it doesn't take them 3 years. So why the long wait? The vocals throughout are overshadowed by the music. Ther are some bright spots but overall, I think Scott Weiland has completely gone away from the edge he had in his vocals, alla STP. But even the later STP albums saw Scott softening his voice. Maybe his throat cannot take the grind or something or if he feels more comfortable this way. He has a good voice, but to soften it up, to me, makes him ordinary. And I never thought his voice was ordinary. STP, were a heck of a band.

On the other side, GNR. If VR do not want to be lumped in with GNR, I suggest a few appearance changes. Slash needs an updated style. There is no difference between now and GNR. Same with Duff. These two, when you look at them, say GNR, not VR. At least Matt does his thing and has some style, as does Scott. Dave, enough with the stupid knit hat already. It ain't that cold on stage pal.

So, where do VR go? I think they like these cover things, like Camp Freddy. Are they going to turn in to a tribute band some day? Or are they going to leave ther mark on Rock n Roll. GNR, left their mark forever. I hope VR does too.

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Been saving this for a few listens...

Good album, would have been better to leave off a few songs... But that is true about most albums:

Let It Roll - Great song, has a bit of an updated NYC, 70's, CBGB's punk feel to it. Great way to start the cd.

She Mine - I like this song overall, but the not to crazy about the chorus. The verse lead guitar part is cool.

Get Out The Door - Another great song. The verse riff kinda reminds me of Blue Oyster Cult's "Godzilla", which is NOT a bad thing. The verse is really cool, love the swagger in Weiland's delivery, something I felt was missing in a lot of Contraband's songs. And even though the riff has the feel of the BOC song, which is arena rock, the band adds a ton of swagger and attitude to it that is also feels like it would be suited for being played on the CBGB small stage, along side Let It Roll... Easily the best song.

She Builds Quick Machines - Another really good song, start to finish. Only thing I hate, is that it does copy too much from Slither. Cool solo from Slash.

Last Fight - Only thing I hate about this song is the intro. The drums are cheesey. Another great Slash solo.

Pills, Demons, Etc... - I don't like this song very much at all... I like the chorus, but I think the rest is boring... Would have left if off the cd.

American Man - Boring, and another chorus that is lyrically too repetative. Another song I'd have left off the album.

Mary Mary - I liked it. Some of it's elements kinda bring me back to the early/mid 80's, the music is heavier but sounds like stuff that would have been on the Fast Times At Ridgemont High soundtrack. I think Scott's vocal delivery is what gives it that feel to me. I guess it's the Cars with a set of testicles. lol

Just 16 - An ok song in my opinion, wouldn't have missed it if it was left off.

Can't Get It Out Of My Head - I hated it at first, but it's grown on me. Love Slash and his wah on this song. However, if they were so insistant on a cover, Psycho Killer is better. Not crazy about Messeges either, so it's not an option for my opinion.

For A Brother - Another song I don't like. I would not have missed it.

Spray - It's an ok song, I wouldn't pass over it, like I do Pills, American Man, and For A Brother.

Gravedancer - Another great song, with Slash's solo again being a highlight.

Don't Drop That Dime - Ya know, sometimes a band will waste space on a cd with a piece of shit song, either to get a chuckle, or for whatever reason... This is a case of a band using space on a cd with a funny but good song and it got a laugh from my dumb ass, I liked the fucking thing! Not only is it funny, they are actually really believable as a country band. I think they could have gotten away with making that song a listed track, with the right placement.

Overall, this is a big improvement from Contraband, songs are better, as well as the mixing. Only thing I don't like, and I hear it even in the songs i love, is the lyrically repetative choruses. I felt the band got a break on their RS review for Contraband, that was no way a 4 star out of 5 album... Libertad is without a doubt, in my opinion, deserving of those 4 stars (Can't go higher, since Appetite is a 5 star album, and this is no Appetite).