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That was the best performance of Slither I have ever seen so far.  Scott's voice sounds so great, like the studio versions.  I compared it with performances a few years ago, and he is definately getting MUCH better with his voice.  What a way to end the show.

EXACTLY! There's more melody in this version and he's really clean on that song!

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OMG... there's no doubt that they're the best band in the worls

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hey guys, what did you do to get the album? i'm really curious!!!!!!

those who've already heard the album are maybe working for magazines or in CD stores
most of us haven't heard it yet! but we've heard some songs.

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Gr8 to know Matt really appreciates the work dat we do, when he talks abt us fans already knowing the lyrics of some of the new material...

Yeah, I never thought about that, that must be quite strange with the internet nowadays. You play a new song for the second time somewhere and think no one knows it, and then everybody starts to sing along. I mean, they (and bands in general) must be used to that already now, but they are old enough to remember when things were different. :)

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I just find it in my forum. After see the whole performance, I really recommend you to do it again. A very good one show, especially for Dave fans, you can hear his guitar across the whole show.
Check it soon because this is on line for 6 months, and the beginning was June, so it had his days counted.

The links in the download section still running tough.