Author Topic: TAB HELP: Lit - Times Like This  (Read 1421 times)

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Hey guys, I'm trying to learn this song by Lit. Pretty simple little tune and since I suck on guitat anything easy I enjoy. However, I'm having trouble with two parts.

Here's the yab link:

1) I can't get the strum pattern during the chorus (too distorted and don't have a musical ear)
2) It doesn't tab the little solos (not good enough to know the notes)

Anyone's help would be geat!

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You may have to much gain on which solves the problem for too much distortion.
And the strum pattern, just keep listening. You can hear the up and down strums pretty easily. Just keep practicing the patterns. I sucked at timing strums right when i began too.

Also the little solo's try and get someone to tab them out, or try and find other tabs?
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