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Hi there.

I''ve been playing guitar now for about 9 months, at the time now I want to start learning triplets.
Well, at least, I think that this is a triplet, I can be wrong.
But I was learning Fade to Black by guitar tab and I found this;


Sorry if it's a bit messy, but my question is; How do I use my fingers on this one? To make it go a little faster then I'm doing now because I put my index finger on the 7th fret on the e and the B string and with my pinky I pull off, then I bend with my ring finger. Is that the correct way to do it?? Hope someone can help me out.. Thanks.

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Yeah u learned it right, keep going  :wink:

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to play that lick i like to use my 1st finger to bar the  E and the B and then use my 4th for the pull off and my 3rd for the G string bend on the ninth, but im self taught so my best advice is just play it however u feel comfortable with it

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