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what's the reason why a guitar wont stay in tune too long, my acoustic gets out of tune real quick, it's an old guitar (Antoria Classic from the 60's maybe) but I've changed the strings several times, if they've broken and such, so that's not the case, and the guitar isn't damaged..
I mean I might just stum for a few minutes or half an hour max and it sounds a lot worse after that, just really frsutrating to tune it all should I just buy a new guitar, or what could it be?

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uhh. guitars just get out of tune. if you live in a humid climate, they'll get out of tune a lot faster than people like me, who live where it didn't rain for over 400 days the year that we moved. an older guitar will de-tune faster than a newer one. the real solution is, get better at tuning. if u figure that the more you tune it now, the better you will be, the easier it becomes to tune it. :D have fun

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Maybe you didnt string the guitar right. You shoul rap the strings atleast 3 times when stringing.

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yeah. that could be part of it, or maybe you're beating the shit out of the guitar and need to lighten up a bit? :headbanger: :lol:
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Travel could also be an issue, if you take it out of your home in its case for a walk and its cold out or it stays in your cars trun for a long time in cold or hot tempurature, then it will get out of tune. 

Also if the strings are new they go out of tune quickly because they havent been worked in very well.  Which is why bands guitar techs will always stretch out the strings and re-tune them over and over again before the band goes on stage.

If you bend a lot or use a whammy bar without locking tuners then it will also go out of tune.

Also theres just crappy quality strings out there so watch out for those to.