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From VR's last show with Scott:
(picture taken by George Henze in Amsterdam, April 1, 2008)

This one too:
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:( The picture is not showing up for me and the link brings up an error message that says I'm not authorized to view the page.  Is it my computer or can you post it again please?
sorry, so i uploaded somewhere esle,  it should work now?  :)


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helo! this is my first post. i've made this picture in fields of rock festival in holand 2 years ago. i hope u'll like it

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some I took at the Loaded gig last night  :)

twas a good show ;)

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Rubensangel posted some good pics here.  I can't help noticing in pics like the last one that Duff has nice arms.

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Thought I'd add some oldies.

As links, not to abuse bandwidth, keeping the site's descriptions though not sure if all are correct:

Loaded photo [2002]  -

Ten Minute Warning group shot [1998] -

Duff in Italy [June, 1992]  -
(I'd never seen it before.)

Duff & his band Loaded at NAMM '99 [Jan 30, 1999] -