Author Topic: 2006-03-11 - Scott & Matt on Camp Freddy Radio go to for podcast  (Read 30891 times)

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I just listened to the whole thing today. I loved the banter between SW and Matt, and Matt's awkwardness at being alone on radio for a while was too funny.

Damn I am glad Scott played Adhesive. Maybe it was a subliminal message to the other three and to us that he still loves STP deep down. ;)

Man, I hope that's true!!!!

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I don't think there was ever any doubt on that one.

Afterall VR played STP songs at every show they did.

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I was thinking more along the lines of a "hey I still love you let's play again sometime" in disguise, LOL ;)

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I just had another listen to the whole Podcast and some of the stuff they talked about is just legendary, even after hearing it multiple times! Every time I've revisited it I've also noticed small details I've overlooked earlier... almost like a Kieslowski film :o :D

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I try to listen it one time but is very hard to follow english, and harder then english is follow Matt and Scott with his low voice and all the YOU KNOW!!