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the slash wah part looks pretty accurate although i think there are some little bits u got wrong, good job though
its in the latest issue of guitar world so ill copy it out a bit later on when i get the chance, unless somebody else wants to

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Spay's not that difficult, it's only power chords I think.  Just try playing along to it and you'll figure it out.

i know it doesnt sound difficult, but im not good at listning and hearing what the tabs are lol, does anyone have the bass tabs for it yet?

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You can't be a successful player if you rely on tabs for such an easy song. Keep trying.

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yeah, its pretty easy to figure out, basically just a# to a througout the intro and the verse, except an octave difference

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i only play for fun, so thats why i just use tabs..iv been able to hear the some of it, but other parts i dont know what it is

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dont know if anyone knows these or has found them, but i know i havnt found them till now
You Got No Right bass tabs..

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Hey guys check out my video of the pills demons atc. and messages intro riffs

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Thanks for the tab postings, but Im with you....I wanna learn 'spay'.

The bass line is killer !

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hey guys!! in the libertad tab book it say that the chords in the mary mary refrain are D5, A5 and C5

i am really unhappy with the A5 chord ..and i think it sounds better of you play


Instead of


let me know what you think about it