Author Topic: What's your equipment?  (Read 11726 times)

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i've now got one less gibson les paul.

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Yea everyone, at 2200 hours on saturday, snakepit_uk had to let one of his babies go  :cry:

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didn't have to, just decided to start building funds for a snakepit les paul :D

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Iíve got several guitars, but my favorite one is the Gibson Les Paul Standard equipped with Seymour Duncan Alnico II pro pickups, the sound of this holy guitar Iíve received from my parents as a gift for my birthday in í98 is amazing.
I put Seymour Duncan Alnico II pro pickups Ďcause Iím a big fan of Slash.

My pedalboard itís like Zakk Wylde pedalboard



DUNLOP   ZW-45   Zakk Wylde Signature Wah
DUNLOP   JD-4S   Rotovibe Expression Pedal
MXR   EVH -phase 90   Eddy Van Halen Signature phase
MXR   ZW-44    Zakk Wylde Signature Overdrive
MXR   M-134    Stereo Chorus


DUNLOP   JH-1    Jimi Hendrix Wah


MXR   M-109    Equalizer 6 band
MXR   M-108    Equalizer 10 band
BOSS  DD-3    Digital Delay


DUNLOP   DCB-10   Dc Brick


GIBSON     Les Paul Standard (Seymour Duncan Alnico II pro pickups)
B.C.RICH   Mockingbird  custom paint
FENDER     Jazz Bass Highway series
FENDER     Stratocaster standard

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Two 1959 Les Paul Reissues (2003, 2004)

Crate V8 Palomino Tube Amp

Recently purchased Marshall 1960av 4x12 Cab ($200!)

Now I've got my eyes peeled for a Marshall JCM 800 2203 from the 80's. I see them on Ebay all the time, but I'd actually prefer on that's a little worn cosmetically to match my new cab.

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only been playin guitar about a year now but i got a epiphone lp special II and marshall mg100dfx amp

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fender strat n a dunlop crybaby. got an Ibanez acoustic aswell which i actually love lol

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i got a jackson kelly, ibanez 50 watt toneblaster. ibanez acoustic amp. ibanez twelve string acoustic electric. crybaby. roland micro  cube.yamaha keyboard. a fender electric violin (which is actually pretty cool but the piezo pickup isnt too loud).
I bought alot of the stuff before i knew too much about guitars and amps. if i knew about amps before, i probably would have bought a tube amp instead of the toneblaster. im gonna buy a marshall some day and try to sell my ibanez toneblaster. :D. i think im also gonna buy a ravelle some day. i like les pauls but alot of people have one so i want to be some what unique.

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Im doing a couple of things...

my band 'incite' ( )

Peavy Milestone 3 Bass (Modified)
Aria Active Bass

Marshal B-150 Bass Amp

Marshall Jackhammer Distortion
Dan-O-Wah Pedal

my solo stuff ( )

Cuabse SX2.2
Reason 3.0

Behringer UB1832 FX-Pro Mixer

Other bands:

Maverick F3 'one off' Guitar
Tanglewood Electro-Acoustic

Marshal MG100DFX Ampilfier

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My kitt iz...Eppiphone 56 Les Paul and a Marshall 3203 Artist half sounds Grrreat and i also got a 1991 Gibson SG  Special...Kinda Kool Man...GX. :smoking: :slash: